Safety issues facing women in Lagos state, Nigeria

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Oladapo, Cecilia
Oladapo, C
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Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education
Nigerian women are threatened by various safety issues and challenges that has reduced their worth and value in the society. The study therefore, examines the prevalence of safety issues facing women in Lagos state, Nigeria. Five research questions were raised and answered; and two hypotheses were tested to guide the study. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. A questionnaire titled “Safety issues facing women in Lagos state”, (SIFWILSQ) was developed and validated by experts from Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria. A total of four hundred and twenty (420) questionnaire were administered purposively to women in four local government areas in Lagos state, and three hundred and seventy (370) were retrieved. The reliability of the instrument was confirmed using a test retest procedure and correlation coefficient ranged between 0.85 and 0.87. The data was analyzed using frequency distribution tables, percentages, mean, standard deviation and ranking order for data presentation while t-test, ANOVA and Scheffe posthoc were used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 significance level. The study revealed the following; there is a significant difference between safety issues and related challenges; there is a significant difference between age range of women and the prevalence of safety issues. The study concluded and recommended the following; that women organizations and non-governmental organizations are to use conscientization approach, familiar and current issues on women to bring enlightenment programmes on safety issues and challenges on women to the door-steps of every woman (including school age girls) in Lagos state.
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Women, Safety, Enlightenment programmes, Security, Related challenges
Yinusa, Y.O., & Oladapo, C.O. (2017). Safety Issues Facing Women in Lagos State, Nigeria. Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education, Vol.12, 159-173.