Work-Family Conflict: Coping Strategies to Optimise Healthy Living and Wellbeing Among Career Couples in Lagos Metropolis

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Owolabi, T.J.
Ajibose, K.A.
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Work and Family are two central and independent sphere of life for dual career couples and an imbalance in one system may subsequently influence the other as well because today’s emerging and diverse work area has reported significant increase in women, single parents and dual career couples as employees. As the cost of living is increasing at the alarming rate, the husband of the house that used to be “bread winner” makes himself a “bread partner” with the wife in order to cope with the economic hardship and financial obligation at the home front. Working couples not only look for their own career prospective but also attend to their family demands like house cleaning, catering for ageing ones, attending family parties, visiting recreational centres, attending religious programmes, nurturing of children and contribute to their future prospects as well. Work and family responsibilities along with long working hours in professional setup has resulted in conflict which in turn has affected the overall health and well-being of individuals. In dealing with multiple roles and work pressure and for enhancing well-being, working couples use coping strategies depending on their individual experiences and organisational policies. The paper utilised a mixed method; 10 respondents for the qualitative method to interview ten (10) respondents (five males, five females) as well as a quantitative study for 290 respondents. Findings reveal that effectiveness of coping strategies is a subject of unique experience and personal characteristics with some level of organisational support. This paper explores an approach towards the role of work-family conflict and coping mechanism in determining the wellbeing of working couples towards the actualisation of Goal 3 of SDGs by United Nations (i.e. Good Health and Wellbeing for People)
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Work-Family Conflict , Coping strategies , Healthy living , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Sociology
Owolabi, T. J., & Ajibose, K. A. (2019). Work-Family Conflict: Coping Strategies to Optimise Healthy Living and Wellbeing Among Career Couples in Lagos Metropolis. Work, 9(8).