Economics of acha (Digitaria Exilis) production in Jos-South Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria

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Lawal, W.L.
Onoja, F.
Orji, K.
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Nassarawa State University. Keffi, Nigeria
This study investigated the economics acha (Digitaria exilis} production in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State. Specific objectives were to examine the demography of the farmers, the factors affecting the production of acha in the study area and the costs and returns in acha production. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 120 acha farmers selected randomly from the study area. The result was analyzed using frequency distribution, means and parentage, gross margin analysis and regression analysis. The results showed that the average yield of acha produced per hectare was 625kg, while the gross margin was #48.025. This indicates that acha production was profitable in the area. Also, the regression analysis showed that labour, fertilizer, land and seeds explained only 37% of the variations in acha output. Only land significantly affects the production of Acha in the study area positively, (P=5%). It was suggested that further research should be carried out to identify other factors affecting output of Acha in the study area. Also, more land area should be cultivated and improved seeds should be made available to the farmers at affordable price, by government, to increase yield in acha production.
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Acha , Farmers , Gross Margin Analysis , Production , Profitable , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Lawal, W.L., Onoja, F. & Orji, K. (2005). Economics of acha (Digitaria Exilis) production in Jos-South Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria, Journal of Production Agriculture and Technology. 1(1), 37-42.