Education, legitimation, and crisis

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Ninalowo, A.
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Both the functionalist and the "reproductive" radical paradigms of formal education, though rooted in divergent ideologies, proclaim that the system of education helps to legitimate the socio-political status quo. We noted, however, that the assumption by both paradigms that students passively internalize the dominant norms and values which the school teaches is not invariably tenable. Alternatively, it was suggested that students quite often only selectively internalize from various diverse cues pertaining to the dominant norms and values presented by educators along with other agents of socialization. Therefore, it was argued that the factor of "selective internalization" coupled with the social axiom of the discord between reality (what is) and ideal (what ought to be) conduce to crisis. The body of evidence demonstrates that, in addition to its role as an agent of legitimation the system of education (the primary emphasis is on higher education) mediates the dialectical relationship between legitimation and crisis
Education , Legitimation , Crisis
Ninalowo, A. (1984). Education, legitimation, and crisis. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue canadienne de l'education, 298-316.