The Morphology,Semantics And Sociolinguistics Of Yoruba Names.

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Ajíbóyè, O
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It is observed that all oruko 'attributive names', certain oruko abiso 'personal names' and alaje 'nicknames' can be easily identified along gender distinction in Yoruba (Ola-Orie 2002). In this paper, I show that the parameters for this identification are morphological semantic and sociolinguistic phenomena rather than a sole affair of semantics as widely acclaimed in the literature. I establish that names which contain baba 'father', akin 'valour', ogun 'war',ja 'fight',fe 'like/love' are exclusively masculine and therefore given to male children whereas names that contain iya/yeye 'mother', ewa 'beauty' the verbs ke 'adorn' and be 'beg' are almost always feminine and given to female children. I claim that these morphological and semantic properties are- due to the influence of societal norms on linguistics: it is ,shown that while Yoruba assign physical activities such as waging war, wrestling and hunting to male members of the society; activities that involve caring, adoration and aesthetics are exclusively for females.
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Morphology , Semantics
Ajiboye,O.(2011)The Morphology,Semantics And Sociolinguistics Of Yoruba Names. Alore Vol.20.