Adult education research: Contemporary issues and challenges

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Ememe, P.I.
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Nigerian National Council for Adult Education
Research is a vital tool for policy development, decision making and other managerial and administrative practices in adult education and every sphere of life. Through research innovations, new ideas, new products and new methods of service delivery are developed and made available to practitioners and other end users. The strength of every research and its ability to achieve all these is a function of many factors which include the methodology employed in the research process, how research outcomes are disseminated, which also determines the level of application of research findings to problem solving. Adult education is multidisciplinary, utilitarian, entrepreneurial, practical and problem solving in nature. That is, it is education for life which helps the learners to adjust and function effectively in the ever changing society in which they live. These characteristics make it mandatory for adult education research to employ more pragmatic research approaches to be impactful. Currently adult education researchers employ mainly traditional methodologies such as survey, experimental, causal comparative which tend to limit their effectiveness in solving practical adult education problems. This paper examines some of these problems with a view to suggesting ways of making adult education research 'more relevant to the needs of practitioners and other stakeholders in adult education in particular and the society in general. The content of the paper includes concept and characteristics of adult education, research methodologies in adult education, challenges of adult education research and ways of making adult education research count.
dult education research and contemporary Issues
Ememe, P. I. (2016). Adult education research: Contemporary issues and challenges. National Council for Adult Education Journal.21 (1):91-207