Knowledge attitude and practice of the trainee seafarers to hiv/aids and stis at apapa seaport, lagos

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Efunshile, A.M.
Oduyebo, O.O.
Oyibo, W.A.
Ogunsola, F.T.
Fatungase, A.O.
Osinupebi, O.A.
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The epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Nigeria is being fuelled by ignorance and other sexually Transmitted Infections (STis). Little is known about HIV-risk related sexual behavior of the Nigerian sailors. This study describes the baseline knowledge, attitude and practice of the trainee sailors to HIV. Ninety four (83.2%) of the 113 trainee interviewed consented to participate in voluntary counseling anil confidential testing I (VCT) programme, Each trainee completed an anonymous self- administered questionnaire and wat tested for syphilis, ; trichomoniasis and HIV. Seventy one (75.5%) of the respondents were between ages 21-25 years. Twenty three (25%) did not believe that having sex with commercial sex workers puts them at high risk of HIV while eighteen (19.1%) did not believe that con�oms were protective. Only ten (10.6%) practiced abstinence while three were homosexual. Despite all these, sixty three (67%) b�Iieved that they were at little or no risk of HIV, prevalence of which was found to be 5.3% among them. Seventy one (75.5%), /r.rteen (16%), twenty i (21 %) and (20.2% of respondents believed that genital ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV respectively were not sexually transmitted. Trichomoniasis and syphilis were found in two (2.1 %) and one (1.1 %) respondents res�ectively. Female sex (P=0.002) and trichomoniasis (P=0.017) were found to significantly influence HIV infection. There was a high level of ignorance about HIV and STis among respondents. This was further highlighted by the high rate of high-risk behaviors. Therefore, sustained educational programs and promotion of condoms are recommended to address this problem.
Trichomoniasis , Seafarers , Hiv , Stis , Syphilis
Efunshile, A.M, Oduyebo, O.O, Oyibo, W.A, Ogunsola, F.T, Fatungase, A.O. and Osinupebi O.A. (2007). Knowledge, attitude and practice of the trainee seafarers to HIV/AIDS and STIs at Apapa Seaport, Lagos. African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology; 8: 94-100.