Force modeling and dynamic behaviour of multi-dimensional vibration assisted micro-end milling: linear and nonlinear analyses

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Sobamowo, G.M.
Ojolo, S.J.
Olawale, K.O.
Adesina, O.A.
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World Scientific News
The concept of component miniaturization is core in the production of sensitive components of the micro, nano and meso-scale. Vibration assisted micro-end milling is a miniaturized machining method that effectively produce these components. This paper presents the linear and nonlinear models describing the vibratory behavior of the sensitive system bearing in mind the amplitude stability phenomenon. The linear case is considered and solved analytically, the non-linear case is solved using differential transform method. With the aid of the developed solutions, parametric studies are carried out and the results are discussed. It is hope that the present study will help the manufacturing industry’s desire for maximizing metal removal rates while maintaining acceptable surface finish and tool life especially in the micro machining of various components for industrial applications, medical and energy industries.
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Vibration assisted micro-milling , Multidimensional vibration , Dynamic analysis , Micro-milling , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
M. G. Sobamowo, S. J. Ojolo, O. K. Olawale, O. A. Adesina (2020). Force Modeling and Dynamic Behaviour of Multi-Dimensional Vibration Assisted Micro-End Milling: Linear and Nonlinear Analyses. World Scientific News, vol. 143, pp 224-261