Globalization Impacts on Nigerian Higher Education in the 21st Century

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Anyikwa, E.B
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Kampala International University, Uganda
The importance of globalization in context of higher education cannot be over-emphasized. Globalization has influenced the educational philosophy and classroom practices all over the world. Over the past two decades, significant economic and political changes have affected education. The forces associated with globalization have altered the context in which educators operate and profoundly-changed the landscape of experience in both formal and informal education. Thus this study was conceived to examine the impact of globalization and the context of future of Higher education in Nigeria. In conducting the study, a descriptive survey design was used. The Population covered all the Federal Higher Institutions in Nigeria. A multi-stage random Sampling Technique was used to select the respondent for the study. In all, a sample size of 600 Students, 120 lecturers was used from the three higher institutions in Lagos, namely; University of Lagos. Yaba College of Technology and Federal College of Education Akoka. Five research questions were developed to guide the study. Questionnaire designed by the researchers was the major instrument for data collection. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Findings from the investigation revealed that globalization has positively impacted on Nigeria higher education in terms of access to information, collaboration and networking among faculty members and students, better and faster scholarly communication among researchers as well as students throughout the world. Based on the findings it was recommended among other things that higher education in Nigeria should try to embrace these new technologies through retraining, retooling and then adopt new strategies which would improve information services delivery that would meet internationally acceptable practices.
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Globalization , Higher Education , ICT , Learners , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Anyikwa, E.B ( 2018) Globalization Impacts on Nigerian Higher Education in the 21st Century. East African Journal of Educational Research and Policy (EAJERP). Vol .15, Pp.123-138. Kampala International University, Uganda.