Assessment of road accidents in Nigeria (a case study of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway)

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Adeboje, A.O.
Olutaiwo, A.O.
Adedimila, A.S.
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Nigerian society of Engineer
Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is infamous for high accident rate, leading to loss of innocent lives. The contributions of human, road, vehicle and environmental factors to these road accidents were examined. A comprehensive questionnaire was distributed to one hundred (100) respondents (drivers, passengers, health workers, federal road safety officers, passengers and students of tertiary institutions, to obtain their views on accidents. Official reports on road accidents were obtained from LUTH, UCH and FRSC and subjected to statistical analyses. It was established that the human factors (nonchalant attitude of drivers, distractions from passengers and carelessness of pedestrians) among others, contribute most to accident followed by road factor, then vehicle factor while the environmental factor contributes least. Analysis also shows that at least one (1) person is killed; at least 3 people are injured out of at least 6 people involved in a single accident on the Lagos - Ibadan Expressway.
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Accident , Human factor , Road factor , Environmental factor , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Adeboje, A.O., Olutaiwo, A.O., and Adedimila, A.S (2013). Assessment of Road Accidents in Nigeria (A Case Study of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway). NSE Technical Transaction, Vol.47(2): 1-10pp.