Urban Redevelopment and the Right to the City in Lagos, Nigeria

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Lawanson, T.
Odekunle, D
Albert, I.O
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Pan-African University press
This study investigates the interface of forced evictions, the right to the city and urban development in Lagos, Nigeria. It particularly focuses on issues surrounding the 1990 Maroko forced evictions. The paper, through a time line analysis, examines the circumstances that led to the evictions, as well as the socio-spatial consequences of the event on evicted residents and the larger Lagos Metropolis. Leaning on the Right to the City constructs, it further investigates the institutional responses to issues of compensation, relocation and land rights. The research methodology included both qualitative and quantitative data analysis based on questionnaire survey, content analysis of archival materials, and informed participant interviews with evicted residents and representatives of government and civil society partners. The study revealed that more than 25years after the evictions, many evictees are yet to be adequately compensated and are still negatively impacted by the occurrences of that period. The study concludes by advancing strategies for entrenching the right to the city in Lagos, which include pro-poor development practices such as in-situ upgrading and land law reforms.
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evictions , gentrification , Maroko , Lagos , Research Subject Categories::FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING
Lawanson.T, Odekunle. D & Albert. A (2019). Urban Redevelopment and the Right to the City in Lagos, Nigeria; in Albert.I and Lawanson. T (eds) Urban Crisis and management in Africa. Houston: PanAfrican University press, 295 - 314