Legislative Oversight and Infrastructure Financing in Nigeria Issues and Way Forward

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Mimiko, N.O
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The centrality of infrastructure to national development cannot be overemphasized, It is the linchpin of development; and without it. (1 national economy has not the basis for growth, job creation, and development- overall improvement in the quality 01' life of the citizenry, Th is does not, however, suggest that t i11frastructure 011 its own, and by itself equates development, While it provides the context for national productivity, without which development cannot take meaning, infrastructure is not synonymous with development. Indeed, contemporary thought suggests that 11l111lancapital development is as critical if not more critical than infrastructural development, as (1 basis for impacting positively the quality of life of a populace, Yet, it is a testimonial to the overriding import of infrastructure that even the perspective on the primacy of human capital is predicated upon an assumption that Cl threshold exists that a country needs to attain vis a vis critical infrastructure. It s only when this is in place that a national shift of focus onto greater investment in human capital can be meaningful. Thus, it is axiomatic that a nation bereft of the requisite level of critical infrastructure, cannot but operate only perfunctorily on the terrain of holistic social development. This is the context in which the Nigerian case is examined,
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National Development , Infrastructure , Nigeria , Human Capita
Mimiko, N.O (2018) Legislative Oversight and Infrastructure Financing in Nigeria Issues and Way Forward. Key Note Address presented at the Annual Public Lecture, held at Afe Babalola Auditorium,University of Lagos, Akoka., Lagos