Analysis of pollution status of River Illo, Ota, Nigeria.

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Longe, E.O.
Omole, D.O.
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An assessment of the pollution status of River Illo, located within River Owo catchments area in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, was carried out. The River’s response to de-oxygenation due to BOD loading from an abattoir and its dissolved oxygen (DO) level was predicted using the modified Streeter-Phelps model. The average concentrations of measured parameters at the sampling stations include: 2.24 mg/l of DO, 312.85 mg/l of BOD, 782.86 mg/l of chemical oxygen demand, and 620.76 g/l of total solids. The DO model for River Illo showed a positive correlation between measured and calculated DO, while the dissolved oxygen curve gave a double spoon shape of two major segments with distinct zones of degradation, decomposition, and recovery. The self-purification factor (f) for both segments ranged between 0.8 and 1.1 depicting River Illo as a slow moving or sluggish river. The above results revealed slow re-aeration of the water body while full recovery from pollution was difficult. The treatment of River Illo before usage is very essential to ensure public health safety of users from waterborne diseases.
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Deoxygenation , Re-oxygenation , Self-purification , Assimilative capacity , Oxygen sag , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Longe, E.O., and Omole, D.O., (2008). Analysis of pollution status of River Illo, Ota, Nigeria. The Environmentalist, 28: 451-457.