Correlation of pyrolysis mass spectrometry and outer membrane protein profiles of clostridium difficle

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Ogunsola, F.T.
Magee, J.T.
Duerden, B.I.
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To perform pyrolysis 1nas� specrrcmeuy (Pyt\olS). a small sample of colony nuucrial is thcnnally degraded in a vuc­ uum. 'thus yidJing mixed volatile products whose composi­ uon reflects that or the organism. tvt,1ss spectrometric anuly­ sis of the products yields spc1:tra that can be: cumpurcd :.tatistically; consequently. tine differences in cc\l composi­ ion can be detected [ 1 J. Typinb by PyNIS is rapi...1, inexpert­ sive. automated. and non-spccies-spccir;c un.J hus a high thruughput ( 100-150 isolates per day) [2]. ll has been used. successfully to 1yp1..· isolates recovered during nosocomial outbreaks ol' Clu:•;1ridi11111 clij}icih· infection [JJ .1nJ new is a nuniuc typing method for this organism in the UnitcJ King· dom. However. Py/\-lS is a tingcrprinting ruerhod: no p..:rn1a· ncnt 1ypc 1.h:sign;ltivn has been assigned, anJ vnriuricns between diflcrcru anulyucul batches prevent inrerbatch coin· parisons of spcctr.1. This difficulty in routine typing of C. di)ji(·i/,: is overcome by indudino rc:pn:scnt.ttiv.c isolates from any outbreak with fun her butches ofisolutcs recovered in the same hospital
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Ogunsola, F.T, Magee, J.T. and Duerden, B.I. (1995). Correlation of Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry and Outer Membrane Protein Profiles of Clostridium difficile. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 20 (suppl 2): S331-333.