Assement of Waste Management and Urban Governance in Lagos Metropolis

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Ilechukwu, V.U
Oduwaye, A.O
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UNCRD and University of Nairobi
Abstract Amidst rapid urbanization, this paper examined solid waste management along with urban governance in Lagos metropolis since the technical-financial approach has failed to develop the kind of governance needed to encourage citizens to understand the service and participate efficiently. Using multi stage sampling technique, two hundred and twenty four households’ heads were selected in the nine wards of the three chosen local government areas for administration of questionnaire. In the first stage, the local governments in Lagos metropolis were identified and stratified into low, medium and high income zones and one local government each in low, medium and high income zones were selected. In the second stage, nine major wards (Kasan, Ikoyi I, Ikoyi II, Ojodu, Ogba, Onigbongo, Oyewole, Oke-koto, Keke) of these chosen local government areas were selected based on their population size while in the third stage streets in the chosen wards were selected based on their grade and surface conditions. The last stage involved houses being systematically selected in each street for questionnaire administration. Descriptive techniques (frequency and mean) and inferential statistics such as regression analysis were used for data analysis. The most significant determinants of solid waste collection system were consistence of waste collection (beta= -0.548, p<0.05), communication medium used (beta= -0.436,p<0.05), complaint presentation method (beta= -0.412, p<0.05), citizen participation (beta= - 0.217, p<0.05) and satisfaction level (beta= -0.284, p<0.05).Greater participation of the populace in waste management should be achieved, particularly at the community level, through mobilization and education. The paper suggests involvement of the people in all deliberations and activities connected with all aspects of waste management in their communities.
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Urbanisation , Waste management , Urban governance , Lagos Metroplois , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING
Ilechukwu, V.U and Oduwaye, A (2012). Assessment of Waste Management and Urban Governance in Lagos Metropolis. Regional Development Studies Journal, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 16: 40 – 52.