Antidepressant Activity of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Annona muricata L., in Sprague-Dawley Rats

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Ebuehi, O.A.T.
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American Journal of Biochemistry
Background: Annona muricata L. is a plant renowned for several therapeutic folklore uses, in many Caribbean communities where as revealed in literature the leaves, bark and roots are made into tea for calming effects as sedative, heart tonic and hypertensive medication. In Nigeria, these potential health benefits are untapped since A. muricata is classified as an under-utilized plant. The present study determined the antidepressant and behavioral properties of the Nigerian grown Annona muricata in Sprague-Dawley rats using the open field test and forced swim test. Methods: Rats were administered A. muricata leaf extract (50, 150 and 300mg/kg) alone, as well as in combination with imipramine or sertraline (10mg/kg) for 14days. Results: The extract was found to reduce the explorative tendencies of the rats in the open field test. In the forced swim test the extract caused a significant reduction in immobility time and increased swimming time. Combination of the extracts with imipramine or sertraline further decreased the explorative tendencies at 150mg/kg concentration and the immobility time at 150 and 300mg/kg. Conclusion: The results obtained proposed a sedative and antidepressant-like effect of ethanol extract of A. muricata, confirming the ethnomedicinal use of the ethanol leaf extract of A. muricata for the management of depression.
Annona muricata, Antidepressant, Imipramine, Sertraline, Open field test, Forced swim test
Bikomo E. O., Ebuehi O. A. T.* , Magbagbeola O. A. Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria