Enhancing teaching quality through continuing professional education

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Ememe, P.I.
Aitokhuehi, O.O.
Jegede, I.O.
Ojo-Ajibare, J.O.
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Ozean Publication, Taskin Inan, Dumlupinar University, Ohio USA
The paper reiterates the importance of education to development and the crucial role teachers play in inculcating the necessary knowledge and values into the learners to make them partake in the development process. This, according to the paper calls for a well-structured, coordinated and detailed continuing professional development programme that will enhance the development of quality teachers that can meet the demands of the ever changing global village. A study was conducted to ascertain if the teachers undergo continuous professional development programme and whether such programmes are adequate? Four research questions were formulated and tested using a 27-item questionnaire. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select a total of 480 teachers from 48 schools. The result shows that the teachers undertake continuing professional development, but mostly in the traditional mode of workshops and seminars that had been found to be inadequate for the development of effective and qualitative teachers. Suggestions were made for the establishment of an autonomous professional body, as in other professions which should coordinate and evaluate a mandatory continuing professional development programmes for teachers in the form of distance learning.
Professional development, qualitative teachers, distance learning
Ememe, P. I. Aitokhuehi, O. O., Supo. Jegede and Ojo-Ajibare, J. O. (2013). Enhancing teaching quality through continuing professional education. European Journal of Educational Studies.5 (2).