Developing framework for entrepreneurship education in higher education in Nigeria

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Yinusa, Y.O
Bakare, T.V
Adebisi, S.A
Jegede, O.I
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Lagos Education Review
The rationale for the introduction of entrepreneurship education by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Universities Commission (NUC) in 2006 into the Nigerian university curriculum was to enhance job creation, reduce unemployment, and poverty among young graduates. However, the high rate of unemployment, incessant search for jobs and idleness among youth in this dispensation remain a cause for concern. This issue has raised numerous questions by scholars and researchers as to what could be the bane of entrepreneurship education practice in Nigerian universities. Previous findings have revealed problem of funding entrepreneurship program, lack of entrepreneurial intentions among students and lack of government support for entrepreneurship program but have failed to dwell on how entrepreneurship education is being delivered in Nigerian universities. Thus, this paper attempts to provide a realistic framework for entrepreneurship education in Nigerian universities in a bid to produce graduates that will be job creators and self-reliant. Five key areas such as stakeholders’ collaboration, entrepreneurship education curriculum development, entrepreneurship education approaches, required competences and expected outcome were identified as necessary for entrepreneurship education implementation in higher education in Nigeria. The paper concludes that effective networking among stakeholders can produce a robust entrepreneurship education curriculum, and with the best approaches, teaching methods and appropriate context, the required outcome can be achieved for the benefit of the students and the nation at large.
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Entrepreneurship education , Graduates , Self-reliance , Higher education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Yinusa, Y.O., Bakare, T.V., Adebisi, S.A. and Jegede, O.I. (2020). Developing framework for entrepreneurship education in higher education in Nigeria. Lagos Education Review (LER), 9(1), 138-158.