The Home Influence on Literature-in-English Students’ Critical Thinking Knowledge, Dispositions and Skills

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Adeosun, A.O
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Faculty of Education, University of Lagos.
The critical thinking abilities of students are pivotal to their school success and future engagement and productivity. Empirical studies have shown that students experience declination in academic performance and quality learning, the core of which is critical thinking development. Some had attributed this trend to family or home variables and practices; though not many studies in Nigeria have explored the direct link between the home and critical thinking abilities of students, and none from the purview of Literature-in-English. This observation informed the focus of this study on determining the influence of the home on students’ disposition to, knowledge of and use of critical thinking skills. Working with five objectives that culminated in four research questions and one hypothesis, the study employed a descriptive survey design to randomly sample 240 from six Senior Secondary Schools in Shomolu LGA of Lagos State. The research instruments included structured close-ended questionnaire, critical thinking test and structured open-ended questionnaire. The study found that the students have a relatively high disposition to think critically; possess some knowledge of critical thinking within the Literature-in- English context and have some demonstrable ability to think critically. In addition, it found that some home variables and practices influence these abilities. It was recommended that comfortable, positive, and nurturing home contexts be continually promoted with stimulating family discussions and problem-focused activities to enhance students’ thinking skills. The need for a comprehensive approach to address home and school variables in quality learning was also raised.
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Adeosun, A. O. (2021). The Home Influence on Literature-in-English Students’ Critical Thinking Knowledge, Dispositions and Skills. Lagos Education Review.,Vol. 20 (1). pp 65-96. Faculty of Education, University of Lagos.