Thermal stability of functionalized carbon nanotubes studied by in-situ transmission electron microscopy.

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Luo, Z.P.
Oki, A.
Carson, L.
Adams, L.A.
Neelgund, G.
Soboyejo, N.
Regisford, E.G.
Stewart, M.
Hibbert, K.
Beharie, G.
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The thermal stability of functionalized carbon nanotubes (CNTs) has been studied experimentally by direct in situ observations using a heating stage in a transmission electron microscope, from room temperature (RT) to about 1000 °C. It was found that the thermal stability of the functionalized CNTs was significantly reduced during the in situ heating process. Their average diameter dramatically expanded from RT to about 500 °C, and then tended to be stable until about 1000 °C. The X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy analysis suggested that the diameter expansion was associated with coalescence of the carbon structure instead of deposition with additional foreign elements during the heating process.
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Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry::Inorganic chemistry::Solid state chemistry , Carbon nanotubes , X-ray energy , Electron microscope , Spectroscopy
Luo, Z., [] (2011). Thermal stability of functionalized carbon nanotubes studied by in situ transmission electron microscopy. Chemical physics letters, Vol.513(1-3), 88-93.