Analysis of fish marketing in Makurdi Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria

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Lawal, W.L.
Idega, E.O.
Ogebe, F.O.
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Association of Women Academics. University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Nigeria
This study was carried out in the two-major fish markets in the study area, namely North Bank and Wadata Markets. The main objective of the study was to analyse fish marketing in the study -area. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data randomly from J 15 fish sellers. Simple descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages were used to analyze the collected data, The study revealed that membership of Fish Trader, Association was optional and costs between #200.00 and #500,00 to be registered. Benefits from the Association include financial assistance to the bereaved or celebrating members. Smoked fish which comes mostly from outside the study area (Maiduguri, Taraba and Zamfara) was commonly sold in the study area. Fish was mostly preserved by smoking (74.78%) and freezing (24.35%). Supply of fish into the markets was mostly through tile middlemen (50.45%). Most fish sellers (52.2%) earned between #2,000.00 - #3,OOO.00 as profit margin weekly.
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Fish marketing , Fish sellers , North Bank , Smoked fish , Wadata Markets , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Lawal, W. L. Idega, E. O. & Ogebe, F. O. (2009). Analysis of fish marketing in Makurdi Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria. Annals of Research in Nigeria (Science and Technology Series), 7(1), 1-12.