Myths and misconceptions of covid-19: the role of community advocacy programme

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Anyikwa E.B.
Ojo R.C.
Yinusa, Y.O.
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The study examined themyths and misconceptions of Covid-19 and the role of community advocacy programmes in Nigeria. Four research questions were raised to guide the study. The study adopted a mixed method using the descriptive survey. The population covered all the residentsinvolved in teaching and non-teaching activities within communities in Lagos state. Snowballing sampling technique was used to select 336 respondents. The instrument adopted for the study was the online open survey questions using google form. The qualitative and quantitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis, and frequency distribution tables, and percentages respectively. The study revealed among others that myths do influence peoples’ acceptability and understanding of covid-19. Hence, the study recommended that massive awareness programmes with appropriate advocacy materials from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) should be made available to all the nooks andcrannies of the communities in Lagos state, inter alia
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COVID-19 , Myths , Misconception , Health , Pandemic , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Anyikwa, E. B. Ojo, R.C. & Yinusa, Y.O.(2020). Myths and misconceptions of covid-19: the role of community advocacy programme. Nigerian Online Journal of Educational Sciences and Technology (NOJEST), 2(1), Pages 24-33