Residents Aspiration and Quality of Jankara Open Space in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

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Orelaja, O
Oduwaye, L
Lawanson, T
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This paper promotes the need to provide community open spaces that reflect the needs of inhabitants, respect character of the urban forms and promote social cohesion in study area. It identifies and takes inventory of the existing open spaces as it also considers the desires of residents and their willingness to pay for open space services. This study is conceptualized by the collaborative planning framework among community residents, the local authorities and the professionals. Data was gathered from respondents in the selected buildings within 1km radius of the existing open spaces with the aid of structured questionnaires and informed participant interviews. Data on socio-economic characteristics of the residents, their proximity to the community open spaces and the extent that it is made public form the basis of this study. The relationship between the desires of residents for community open spaces and its qualtty were determined using correlation co-efficient statistical tool. Findings revealed that 69.6% of the respondents are not satisfied with the existing community open space as the facilities do not meet their needs. 73.3% of the respondents desire greenery while 7.87% of the respondents desire exclusive children playground. 67.9% of the respondents are willing and ready to pay for open space services if the quality is well enhanced. The study also revealed a strong association between residents' aspiration and quality of community open spaces in the study area. Close co-ordination of national policies, recognition of the specific role of local authorities, encouragement of community and neighbourhood-based schemes and encouragement of initiatives from the private sector and related agencies with significant emphasis on education and information on open spaces are recommended to enhance provision and management of open spaces in the study area.
Open Spaces , Community , Aspiration , Quality
Orelaja. O, Oduwaye.L & Lawanson T. (2014). Residents Aspiration and Quality of Jankara Open Space in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Urban and Regional Planning Review, 6 (1),75 - 81