Burden of Care and the Body Mass Index of Informal Caregivers of Haemodialysis Patients in South-West, Nigeria

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Mobolaji-Olajide, O.M
Akintaju, F.A
Odetola, T
Badru, F.A
Fajemilehin, B.R
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College of Medicine, University of Lagos
Haemodialysis, being a cost intensive procedure demanding so much from patients and their caregivers most studies had focussed on the burden of caregiving among formal and informal caregivers but very little is known about relation between caregiving burden and lifestyle factors. The study aimed at examining the relationship between informal caregiving burden and body mass index (BMI) of caregivers. It was a descriptive quantitative cross-sectional study involving 204 informal caregivers of haemodialysis patients from four dialysis centres in Lagos.........
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Informal Caregivers , Burden of care , Body Mass Index , Haemodialysis Patients , South-West, Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Mobolaji-Olajide, O.M., Akintaju, F.A., Odetola, T., Badru, F.A., and Fajemilehin, B.R (2020) Nij.Qt J. Hosp. Med. Vol. 30 (1-4) Jan-Dec, 2020, 058-063