Does Age of Traditional Medicine Practicioners (TMP) Influence Formulation Type in Herbal Management of Memory Loss?

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Oiseoghaede, J.O.
Ajayi, G.O.
Odukoya, O.A.
Sowemimo, A.A.
Mustapha, N.F.
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Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos
Background: Traditional Medical Practitioners (TMPs) utilize plants in alleviation of many illnesses including memory loss. Majority of these practitioners acquired skills as apprentices for a long period of time from experienced practitioners or from their parents by family inheritance; therefore, most of them are advanced in age by the time they attain independence to practice on their own. Objective: This study was designed to investigate if there was an association between the age of TMPs and type of formulation (monoherbal/polyherbal) in local management of memory loss. Methods: A hundred TMPs (100 traditional healers and herb sellers) in areas of Lagos state were randomly selected and interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Information on age, sex, occupation, plants used, mode of administration and life forms of plants used were obtained. Number of respondents based on their age groups and the type of formulation they used to manage memory loss was obtained. These two variables were compared using Chi square statistical tool to measure their association and inferences were drawn from the results. Results: 88% of all respondents used polyherbal formulations while 12% used monoherbal formulations. 37% of all the respondents were elderly practitioners and about 90% of them used polyherbal formulations. There was no significant association between age of TMP and type of formulation used (p ≤ 0.05). Conclusion: This study shows that the age of TMPs does not affect their choice of type of formulations so far the recipe used is efficacious; they may use just a plant or combination of plants. Keywords: Monoherbal, polyherbal, Traditional medicine.
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Monoherbal , Polyherbal , Traditional medicine , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Oiseoghaede, J.O., Ajayi, G.O., Odukoya, O. A., Sowemimo, A.A. and Mustapha N.F. (2016). Does Age of Traditional Medicine Practicioners (TMP) Influence Formulation Type in Herbal Management of Memory Loss? The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice, 10(4), pp. 224-226.