Social Group Work

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Badru, F.A
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Department of Sociology, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Social group work is one of the three 'generic' methods in Social Work Practice. The others being: Social Case Work and Community Organisation/Development. The method is not suitable for all types of groups. However, a number of groups with psycho-social maladjustments and malfunctioning can be assisted through various techniques of social group work. A social worker with trained values, knowledge and skills in this practice is called a Group Worker, though, in theory and practice, he/she is called by many names: Enabler, Facilitator, Leader, etc. He/She could form a group session for clients or work in concert with other professionals in institutions. The paper contains seven sections. Apart from introduction, it considers definitions of social groups and its kinds, alludes to models of social groups and group-centred leadership. The second section deals with ten basic assumptions, some principles, and techniques of Social Group Work. The third examines critically the various definitions of group work and gives brief historical sketch. It also explores the potential merits and drawbacks of the method. The fourth section considers the roles of Group Worker and the various groups that can be assisted; the next section deals with the process of joining a social group work, different methods of social group work and highlights the logistics involved in developing a group therapy programme. The sixth section looks at social group for children and the last section concludes with observations and the way forward.
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Badru F.A (2006 a): “Social Group Work” in Olurode, L; Bammeke, F. and Durowade, D (Eds.) (2006) Readings in Social Work, (Lagos: Department of Sociology, University of Lagos) Chp. 9: Pp 97-110