Assessment of religious and social issues in Nigeria teached education

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Olatunde, F.
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Society of education, India
Recent events around the globe are making training/education in other people culture imperative. Violent attacks on educational institutions are becoming not only more frequent, but also sophisticated and dastardly. In Nigeria, for example, the person of the teacher has become vulnerable in the face of religious radicalism, cultism, harassments and other inherent societal forces. These undermine academic standards, morality and discipline. Adopting a descriptive survey design, this paper probed into emerging religious and social issues in Nigeria teacher education. A total of 720 people, comprising of 120 Lecturers and 600 students were randomly sampled, using a researcher developed questionnaire. The study was guided by five research questions and three hypotheses. The study found among others that there were some pressing religious and social issues; no significant difference in the perception of lecturers and students about religious and social issues in Nigeria education; that there was no significant difference in their opinion about the effect of religious and social issues on teacher education. Based on these findings, it was concluded that religious and social issues can influence the process and products of Nigerian teacher education significantly and therefore must be given immediate attention. Along this line, it was recommended that teacher training institutions should include these issues in their curriculum; in-service training be organized for serving teachers; and that the ministry of education should collaborate with the National Orientation Agency and other relevant government agencies and parastatals to carry out advocacy and mass-literacy campaigns on the issues. The aims of the paper are to establish the factors that occasion changing contexts in the classroom; the researchers also demand a paradigm shift of emphasis in teacher education.
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Teacher education , In-service trainning , Religious issues , Social issues and curriculum review , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Olatunde, F. (2018). Assessment of religious and social issues in Nigeria teached education. International Journal of Educational Research and Technology, Vol.9(1).