Nigerian Landscape Charter: Conceptual Framework Discourse

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Adejumo, O. T.
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International Federation of Landscape Architects
Sustainability as a developmental paradigm to checkmate uncontrolled use of earth finite resources crept into global consciousness in the last quarter of twentieth century. It is now apparent that the 1992 wave of sustainability philosophy was insufficient to mitigate the global and local degradation of natural capital hence the need for a fresh wave of sustainability dictum that will catalytically empower the ineffective previous waves to overcome difficult developmental hurdles and infuse new values especially quality of life, bio-centric perceptions and local thinking on global scale. It fits in to landscape philosophical clarification that respects indigenous, regional and national aspirations ways of thinking in developmental process. This paper explores a framework to actualise Nigerian landscape charter. An apparent expectation of national landscape charter is a friendly challenge of the current developmental statuesque that dismembered congruous landscapes into cultural, natural and historic unities under the management of numerous agencies and ministries without a harmonized agenda. The paper argues in favour of desktop study of the current policy objectives at federal level to fully comprehend in built participatory framework. The second step is primary data collection through series of workshops to understand geosophic perspectives of diverse cultural systems relative to contextual bioregion. The Paper submitted that comparative analysis and synthesis of current environmental statuesque and fresh findings from geopolitical workshops will evolve a unified national landscape philosophy. Included are desired urbanism; driving ideology for agriculture, protected area, mining, integrated coastal area management; and envisioned rural Nigeria dictum that cut across all bioregions. This will lead to national policy objectives for various areas of the landscape
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Paradigm , Developmental Ideology , Landscape Philosophy , Landscape Charter , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture::Architecture and architectural conservation and restoration::Architecture
Adejumo O.T (2013). Nigerian Landscape Charter: Conceptual Framework Discourse. In People & Landscapes. 3rd International Federation of Landscape Architects, Africa Regional Symposium. Pp14-31.