Biochemical assessment of Ciklavit®, a nutraceutical used in sickle cell anaemia management

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Imaga, Ngozi Awa
Chukwu, Charity E.
Blankson, Adenike
Gbenle, George O.
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Ciklavit® made from the extracts of the plant Cajanus Cajan is an herbal formulation used for the management of sickle cell anaemia. This study investigated the antisickling and overall biochemical effect of Ciklavit® in sickle cell anaemic subjects. Human subjects with confirmed Hbss status formed the experimental and control groups. The experimental group were administered with the Ciklavit® for two weeks. Percentage sickling, foetal haemoglobin concentration and other haematological parameters were determined. Liver function, kidney function, nitric oxide concentration and arginase activity were also determined. In vitro administration of Ciklavit® showed a reversal of sickling effect, which was more effective when compared to that of hydroxybenzoic acid. Estimation of foetal haemoglobin was carried out by the alkali denaturation method. Foetal haemoglobin level was found to increase significantly by day 28. Other haematological parameters were estimated using a sysmex analyzer (KX-2100). Mean PCV, Hb and MCH showed no appreciable changes. WBC values were found to increase significantly by day 21. Alkaline phosphatise and total protein values were found to reduce significantly by day 14 and day 21 (p = 0.017), (p = 0.048) respectively. Total bilirubin values also reduced significantly by day 21 (p = 0.018). Mean creatinine, urea, albumin, nitric oxide concentrations and arginase activity showed no appreciable changes. Results showed that the antisickling activity of Ciklavit® is quite potent and ameliorates the adverse effect of sickle cell anaemia on the liver. One of the antisickling effects or mechanisms of action of Ciklavit® may involve the induction of foetal haemoglobin production. Our results show that Ciklavit® may be a promising herbal medicine for sickle cell anaemia.
Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry::Biochemistry , Anaemia , Clinical trials , Phytochemistry , Traditional medicine Africa , Ciklavit®
Imaga NOA , Chukwu C.E, Blankson A., Gbenle G. O. J. of Herbal Medicine 3(4): 137-148. 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.hermed.2013.05.003