Valorization of Sand Barrier-Lagoon Ecological Assets in Lagos Smart City Conceptualization

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Adejumo, T. O.
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University of Lagos Press
Urban designers looked through diverse technological windows including engagement of mobile applications to manage urban infrastructures; interactive monitoring; real-time data collection and display; urban mapping and analysis. But the success of a smart city is not solely measured on these technological infusions. Rather a successful smart city place emphasis on achieving high quality of life especially ability to manage the supporting landscapes that carry the ecological processes. This is particularly important in Lagos Sand Barrier-Lagoon bioregion confronted by environmental crises including flooding, storm water pollution and increasing air pollution. Recent climate change impacts, especially flooding, triggered loss of properties, structural failure of infrastructures and increase in sick building syndrome in metropolitan Lagos. This paper disserts how to valorize sand barrier-lagoon natural assets in the quest to conceptualize ecologically resilient Lagos Smart City. The study is underpinned by productive green infrastructure principles and geomorphic urban drainage system. The paper submits that valorization of hydrological system that supports diverse habitats including low land rain forests, freshwater swamps; lowland coastal grasslands; and swamp mangroves forests should underpin livable and environmentally sustainable Lagos smart city. Valorization process consider strategic environmental assessment, urban green infrastructure, pragmatic flood risk management principles and green buildings and energy conservation. The paper recommended four policy statements in line with the four developmental processes.
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Smart City , Sand barrier-lagoon , Green Infrastructure , Valorization , Ecological asset , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Adejumo, T.O (2019). Valorization of Sand Barrier-Lagoon Ecological Assets in Lagos Smart City Conceptualization. Chapter in the Book: African Smart City Agenda. Leke Oduwaiye, Taibat Lawanson and Victor Onifade (Ed). University of Lagos Press. Faculty of Environmental Sciences. University of Lagos, Lagos. Nigeria. Pp 140-159.