Engineering Properties of Unused and Cement Stabilized Used Lateritic Soils

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Adeboje, A.O.
Olaniyan, O.S.
Oladeji, O.S.
Osuolale, O.S.
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University of Ilorin
The practice of building local housing units with laterite is common in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria. This practice helps to reduce the rising cost of building construction. This paper investigates the engineering properties of both used and unused laterite soils with intent to reuse the laterite soil in construction of housing units. Disturbed samples of both used and unused laterite soils were investigated for engineering index, compaction and strength properties. Sieve analysis, atterberg limits, specific gravity, compaction, air-dry moisture content, triaxial compression and compressive strength tests were performed on the samples of two types of soils in accordance with BS 1377-2; 1990. The results from the study revealed that the geotechnical properties of the unused laterite soil samples are better than that of the used laterite soil samples, which supports their suitability and preference for construction of local houses than the used laterite soil samples. However the used laterite soil can be re-used or reutilized to build local houses in subtropics by addition of 0.5% Portland cement. Furthermore, addition of 0.75% Portland cement to the used laterite soil makes it stronger and more suitable for construction of housing units than the unused laterite soil.
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Laterite , Compaction , Geotechnical , Construction , Strength
Adeboje, A.O., Olaniyan, O.S., Oladeji, O.S. and Osuolale, O.M., (2013). Engineering Properties of Unused and Cement Stabilized Used Laterite Soils. USEP-RICE: Journal of Research Information in Civil Engineering, Vol.10(1), pp.272-283.