A factor analysis of vegetative and yield traits in back­cross progenies of an interspecific hybrid of oil palm

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Oboh, B.O.
Fakorede, M. A. B.
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Journal of Genetics and Breeding
Factor analysis was performed on 18 vegetative and yield traits of 13 progenies of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) grown in four replications with 12 palms per plot. The progenies were the first backcross generation of the Fl interpecific hybrid (Elaeis oleifera x E. guineeensis) to E. guineensis, the West African oil palm. The crosses were made with the objective of transferring the short­stem character of E. Oleifera, the South American oil palm, to E. guineensis. Data were collected over a period of 3 to 11 years depending on the trait. The analysis was performed seperately on progeny mean data and individual palm data. In both cases, five principal factors accounted for most of the intercorrelations and explained 90 and 72% of the total variation in the dependence structure of the traits. Although the factors did not follow the same order and were not of the same magnitude in the two analyses, traits that loaded highly on a particular factor in one analysis, generally loaded highly on the same factor in the other. The factors extracted were vegetative characteristics, yield and its determinant, bunch weight and its determinants, oil quality-traits and a fifth factor that contained both vegetative and yield traits and would not therefore be~gged with a generalized name. Vegetative characteristics accounted for the largest mean and total variation on progeny mean and individual palm basis. The study supports the conclusion that, within the limits imposed by the environment and genetic composition of the material evaluated, the oil palm breeder need not measure more than one or two traits from each factor to obtain information on all other traits in the factor.
Elaeis sp., Factor analysis, Multivariate analysis, Oil palm.
Oboh, B. O. & Fakorede, M. A. B. (1997). A factor analysis of vegetative and yield traits in back­cross progenies of an interspecific hybrid of oil palm. J Genet & Breed. 51, 257-262