The Creative Use of Themes in Contemporary Igbo Popular Music in Nigeria

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Osigwe, C.N
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University of Lagos Press, Akoka
Popular music is an offshoot of several musical typologies which are indigenous or acculturated, incorporating both local and foreign elements. Most popular musical styles or genres in Nigerian music scene evolved through various contributions from musicians of diverse cultural sensibilities. Furthermore, the musical practices of the Igbo are seen through their social, religious and cultural lives as their music accompanies every stage of human and social development (childhood - adulthood - death). Igbo popular music, being a contemporary genre, depicts both the language and cultural elements of one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. The music has evolved owing to acculturation, economic factor, technology and globalisation. This articles attempts to appropriate musical theme - a borrowed concept from Western classical music - into the structural form of 19b 0 popular music vis-a-vis its vocal and instrumental elements. It effectively analysed selected songs of prominent Igbo artistes/ musicians and further established how these themes are creatively used in contemporary Igbo popular music. Three distinctive methods were deduced from the analysis - the antiphonal theme, instrumental theme and instrumental/ antiphonaltheme.
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Musical Typologies , Songs , Ethnic Groups
Osigwe, C.N (2014). The Creative Use of Themes in Contemporary Igbo Popular Music in Nigeria. Unilag Journal of Humanities, Vol.2(1), 186-2017p.