Estimation of total carotenoids and free radical scavenging activity of selected vegetables

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Oiseoghaede, J.
Odukoya, O.
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West Africa Postgraduate College of Pharmacy
ABSTRACT Background: Vegetables are known for their rich carotenoid content responsible for their antioxidant properties. Objectives: This study sought to estimate the total carotenoid content (TCC) in four edible Nigerian vegetables, compare their free radical scavenging activity (FRSA) and relate their TCC to their respective FRSA. Methods: The method employed for extraction involved homogenization with ethanol using a blender. Estimation of the TCC was obtained by an equation derived from their Chlorophyll A and B contents from reading absorbances of homogenates at 470nm, 649nm and 665nm. FRSA of ethanolic homogenates on 2,2-diphenyl-1- picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) by decreased absorbance of 1mM DPPH on adding extracts was read at 517nm. The FRSA obtained by 0.2-1% concentrations done in triplicates was compared statistically (ANOVA Test, p≤0.01). Mean Inhibitory concentration (IC50) value was obtained graphically via percentage inhibition/concentration curve. Results: Capsicum annum had the highest TCC compared to the other vegetables. Carica papaya leaves exhibited a superior FRSA compared to other plants (p≤0.0001). Results showed that there may be a direct relationship between TCC and FRSA. However, Carica papaya which had the highest FRSA did not show a high TCC. Hence, Carica papaya may possess other phytochemicals other than carotenoids responsible for its high FRSA. Conclusion: This study shows that Carica papaya leaves had a high FRSA and antioxidant capacity due to the presence of carotenoids and other beneficial phytochemicals. This evidence supports the fact that it can be included into our diet as Africans. Keywords: Antioxidant, total carotenoids, free radical scavenging activity, pawpaw.
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Antioxidants , Total carotenoids , Pawpaw , Free radical scavenging activity , Research Subject Categories::PHARMACY
Oiseoghaede, J.O. and Odukoya, O. A. (2015). Estimation of total carotenoids and free radical scavenging activity of selected vegetables. West African Journal of Pharmacy, 26(2), pp. 66-74.