Occupiers’ Perception of Service Quality in a Multi- Tenanted Estate: A Case of Rivtaf Golf Estate Portharcourt, Nigeria

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Osazuwa, O.N
Oluwunmi, A.O
Iroham, C.O
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Covenant Journal in Research & Built Environment (CJRBE)
Customer satisfaction and service quality in residential estates have been a subject of interest to researchers in the real estate field. This is because these subjects are very significant concepts that organisations, firms and managers must understand to improve the satisfaction level of occupiers. It is on this premise that this study investigated occupier’s perception of service quality in RIVTAF Golf Estate Port Harcourt with a view to ascertain whether the occupiers perceive the quality of service as satisfactory. The study population consists of randomly selected occupiers in the estate. 107 questionnaires were administered to the occupiers, while 95, representing 89% were retrieved. The Modified SERVPERF was used as the analytical framework of the study. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential analytical tools, specifically mean and regression analysis. The findings showed that the occupiers generally perceive satisfactory service quality in all service quality dimensions: tangibility, reliability responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. However, the results further indicated that occupiers have higher satisfaction with tangibility, responsiveness, assurance and empathy than reliability. Moreover, the study revealed that occupiers were satisfied with four out of the six facilities studied: gym, central water system, electricity, and recreational centre. They were however not satisfied with the security and sewage system. The study recommends that the management team should not relent on their timely and continuous review of their services, thereby ensuring occupiers satisfaction. Also, feedbacks should be obtained from occupiers on the security services to enhance or improve their services for occupiers' utmost satisfaction. Finally, the resident’s association should liaise with the management team to employ a professional waste management body like the Initial Plc (a popular sewage disposal outlet located in Port-Harcourt) for regular and timely waste disposal.
Occupiers, Perception, Port Harcourt, RIVTAF Golf Estate, Service Quality, Nigeria
Osazuwa, O. N., Oluwunmi, A. O. and Iroham, C. O. (2021) Occupiers’ Perception of Service Quality in a Multi- Tenanted Estate: A Case of Rivtaf Golf Estate Portharcourt, Nigeria. Covenant Journal in Research & Built Environment (CJRBE), 9(1), 67-83.