Utilizing Religion towards Counseling for Good Citizenship

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Falako, F. O.
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Concept Publications, Lagos
The paper posited that religion can be utilized towards counseling for good citizenship. Adopting a bibliographic approach, it argued that good citizenship is achievable in Nigeria through the Christ-model, true brotherliness, pastoral care and counseling. The paper noted the pitfalls on the path of the Church, and recommended unity, purposeful and exemplary leadership style, sound and relevant theological education as antidotes. In all, the paper argued that religion, that is Christianity, has a role to play in the moral adjustment (rebranding) of Nigerians and in the making of good and Godly citizenry.
Scholarly article
Utilizing Religion towards Counseling for Good Citizenship”. In Falako, F. O; Olademo, O; & Oladunjoye, O. (Eds.). The Church, Society and Nation Building: A Festschrift for His Most Eminence, Prophet Dr. Solomon Adegboyega Alao. Lagos: Concept Publications. Pp. 47 – 63.