Effect of trainning on the knowledge management processes of business management consulting firms within Lagos metropolis, Nigeria

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Alaneme, G.C.
Chikere, N.A
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Osogbo Journal of Management
Knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization are knowledge management processes that are vital as they complement training considering the levels of individual capabilities and the dynamic business environment. The issue of whether knowledge gained through training will be eventually shared or utilized among consulting staff; and the willingness to even share or utilize gives cause for concern. Hence it is not clear whether a relationship exists between training and KM processes of sharing and utilization. Therefore, this paper focuses on the effect of training on knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization amongst management consultancy firms within the Lagos metropolis. Three research questions and hypotheses respectively were asked and tested on the subject matter. Self administered questionnaire was retrieved from one hundred and fifty (150) business consulting firms selected using purposive and convenience sampling techniques. Simple regression analysis and Hayes process tool was used to analyze the data. The findings show that training accounts for 11.7% variance in knowledge sharing, and 12.7% in knowledge utilization respectively; in addition, knowledge sharing does not moderate the relationship between training and knowledge utilization. The implication is that the ability and willingness of staff to share knowledge is sparsely influenced by neither training nor the need to utilize gained knowledge
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Trainning , Knowledge sharing , Knowledge management , Knowledge utilization , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences
Alaneme, G.C., Chikere, N.A. (2017). Effect of Training on Knowledge Management Processes of Business Consulting Firms within Lagos Metropolis. Osogbo Management Journal, Vol.2(1): 39 – 46pp.