The Electronic Banking System and Efficient Service Delivery in the Banking Sector

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kehinde, J.S
Anyikwa, E.B
Oladimeji, M.S
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The study examined the E-banking system effective service delivery in the banking system. The basic issue is the poor service delivery, despite the introduction of the e-banking technology meant to enhance efficiency. There is also the issue of incessant complaints by the customers on issues of quality and pro-activeness of banking service notwithstanding the E-banking technology. The study made use of survey research design, using structured questionnaire to gather data on issues and subjects of e-banking and service delivery. The binomial test was used. The study revealed that although the E-banking technology is an effective and reliable system but the state of the technology applied in Nigeria and the poor remuneration of staff with poor technological knowledge of customers have combined in reducing the efficiency of service delivery by the banking sector despite the E-banking technology. It was, however, recommended that a good remuneration, technology education and flexibility but innovative technology utilization will combine to lift the performance of the Ebanking technology.
e-banking , Technology , Cashless society
Kehinde, J. S., & Blessing, A. E. (2015) The Electronic Banking System and Efficient Service Delivery in the Banking Sector.Journal of Information Engineering and Applications. ISSN 2224-5782 , Vol.5, No.3, 2015