The Effect of Perception of Method use and Evaluation Practice on Lecturer and Student Satisfaction in Lagos Universities

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Alade, O.M
Bakare, T.V
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University of Benin: Faculty of Education
People’s perception greatly influences their level of satisfaction with services provided. Lecturers’ and students’ satisfaction with instructional method and evaluation practices were sought in one example each of federal, state and private universities in Lagos State. A negative perception of the evaluation practices by lecturers and students is likely to affect their productivity level, attitude as well as the general conduct of their activities which will in turn affect their level of commitment to goal achievement. The research design was survey. The sample for the study comprised 200 students and 50 lecturers who were randomly selected from one each of the three categories of universities in Lagos (federal, state and private) based on the proportion of size. A duly validated set of Likert-type questionnaires were the instruments administered. Six research questions were raised while only one the hypothesis was set. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive inferential statistical tools. The findings revealed, among others that lecturers and students were similar in their perception at 20.70 and 21.94 mean scores. However the t-test shows 0.81 to the table value of 1.98, df 248 at 0.05 level of significance that their perception of the handling of method of instruction and evaluation practices in their universities with reference to their level of satisfaction level was low. This is thought to affect the morale, level of enthusiasm and institutional goal achievement, which will ultimately translate to low national development. It was suggested that the general method of evaluation of the university system be thoroughly reviewed constantly to forestall antipathy towards the system.
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Perception , Instructional methods , Evaluation practices , Universities , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Alade, O.M & Bakare, T.V. (2016). The Effect of Perception of Method Use and Evaluation Practices on Lecturer and Student Satisfaction in Lagos Universities. African Journal of Studies in Education. Benin: Faculty of Education, University of Benin. 11 (2)180 -192. November.