Strategies for promoting creative learning in ESL classroom

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Adeosun, A.O
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Faculty of Education, University of Lagos
Creative learning is becoming increasingly important for the development of education especially in the 21st century as creativity is central to the promotion of skills, knowledge, and values in the society. This study surveys the strategies used in promoting creativity in the English as second language ESL classrooms. With focus on five research questions, and using a descriptive research design, 10 schools were randomly selected from two educations districts in Lagos state. Two sets of questionnaires were drawn and administered to 30 teachers and 200 students who were also randomly selected from the 10 schools. In addition, six classroom observations were carried out to determine the actual teaching and learning activities in the ESL Classrooms. Data collected through questionnaires were analyzed using mean rating and simple percentages, while the observations yielded qualitative data. The findings revealed that over 60% of the ESL teachers adopted some instructional strategies with the intention of promoting creative learning. Such include varieties of introductory techniques, some modelling practices, attempts at differentiated instruction, as well as questioning and assessment strategies. It was also found that the use of real-life experiences and the integration of technology are rare. The study thus suggested the need for support for teachers in incorporating creative teaching and learning into their instructional practices, and that further studies be carried out to determine the focus of the ESL curriculum and syllabus in promoting creativity in the classroom.
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Creativity, Creative Learning, ESL, Instructional strategies, skills, knowledge, thinking
Adeosun, A. O. (2016). Strategies for promoting creative learning in ESL classroom. Lagos Education Review. 16(1), 17-433