E-Learning in the University Environment: The Nigerian Experience

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Bakare, T.V.
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Benin Journal of Educational Studies. Institute of Education,University of Benin
The world is a global village and technology has helped to strengthen education and social relations. E-learning is fast becoming the more popular way of ensuring the professed democratization of education. As a veritable tool for, not only Distance Education, but also other University programmes, e-learning promotes quality, stress-free education that contributes to efficient time management and higher productivity. Nigeria as a developing nation has had her challenges with getting its tertiary institutions into the 21st century status in terms of technology application. University-based education aims at producing high level manpower and, through its Open Learning Systems extend higher education to her otherwise engaged clientele for functional, relevant and quality education through alternative means. All of these have tremendous implications for the use of modern technologies and e-learning as well as Information Communication Technology (ICT) management, in the quest to join the global world and meet up with international education standards. The study therefore examined the status quo in terms of availability and use of e-learning facilities for teaching and learning in Universities in the South Western geo-political zone of Nigeria; with focus on four Universities isolated as a case study. The data for the study were collected through the questionnaire, observation and interview techniques, and analyzed using descriptive statistics and qualitative discussion. Findings showed that the level of availability and use of technology is low in all the Universities and there is the need for more information on e-learning systems for all stakeholders. The cost intensiveness of the provision of e-learning facilities and its management also call for creative use of the e-learning system. The study provides information on the status of e-learning in an African country.
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Distance learning , Information Communication Technology , Virtual &E-learning , Teaching/Learning methods , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Bakare, T.V. (2011). e-Learning in the University Environment: The Nigerian Experience. Benin Journal of Educational Studies. 20(1 & 2)196 -213, Jan & July. Institute of Education, University of Benin