Use of Protective Devices: Awareness and Practice amongScavengers at Dumpsites in Lagos, Nigeria

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Osunkalu, VO.
Onajole, AT.
Alalade, AT.
Akanmu, ON.
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Background and Objective: Overpopulation has led to increase in the volume of waste generated inLagos State, and the effect of continuous rural-urban migration has further worsened theunemployment situation, with consequent increase in the number of unemployed youths turning toscavenging to earn a living. This study is aimed at evaluating the level of awareness and practice ofthe use of simple protective devices such as hand gloves, boots and face masks, and the attendanthealth implication for scavengers at three dumpsites in Lagos, Nigeria.Methods: The dump sites were selected by simple random sampling from the 9 dump sites in Lagos.These selected dump sites were located at Olososun, Abule-Egba and Solous. A total of 384 scavengerswere initially recruited for this study by simple random sampling after obtaining verbal consent. Ofthese, 300 of the participants (83.3%) actually completed the study. Close ended, structuredquestionnaires were applied to each of the consenting participants.Results: Of the total number of respondents, 75% were aware of the need to use safety devices(hand gloves, face masks, boots and goggles). Use of protective device was highest among the agegroup 30-49. The low percentage utilization of protective device was similar in both sexes (33.6% ofmales and 32.3% of females). However, the highest compliance with usage was among respondentswith tertiary education (44.4%). Fever was the most frequently occurring symptom among therespondents (89.3%). The commonest reason for non use of these protective devices was attributedto cost by 86% of respondents.Conclusion: The level of awareness of the need for the use of protective devices was high amongrespondents. However, the practice of use of these devices, remained very poor.
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Overpopulation , Rural-urban migration , Unemployment , Youths , Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
Osunkalu VO, Onajole AT, Alalade TO, Akanmu ON (2007). Use of protective Devices: Awareness and practice among scavengers at Dumpsites in Lagos Nigeria. Journal of Clinical Sciences, 7(2):17-20.