Types of cancer seen in patients with diabetes in Lagos

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Fasanmade, O.A
Habeebu, M.Y
Sowunmi, A.C
Ogo, E
Odeniyi, I.A
Olopade, O.B
Fasanmade, O.O
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Endocrinology and metabolism society of Nigeria
BACKGROUND: Diabetes mellitus, particularly type 2 Diabetes mellitus and cancer are both common in the middle aged/elderly. Several researchers have linked the 2 non-communicable diseases (along with hypertension) as having similar origins, this is the “common soil” hypothesis. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: This cross-sectional study was carried out to find out the common cancers seen in persons with diabetes mellitus in a tertiary centre in Lagos, Nigeria. METHODOLOGY: Records of patients presenting to the EDM Unit of LUTH or the Radiation/ Oncology Department of LUTH (and the NSIA-LUTH cancer centre) who had both diabetes and any form of malignancy in the past 5 years were perused and basic sociodemographic data obtained. RESULTS: Only 75 complete records could be identified. All the patients had type 2 diabetes. 57.3% were males The mean age was 67.08+/-11.06 years, (age range 34-87 years). The commonest decade affected was the 7th decade of life (38,7%), followed by the 8th decade (33.3%). The cancers found were prostate cancer 37.3%, breast cancer in 13.3%, head and neck cancer in 7.9%, uterine/endometrial cancer in 8%, pancreas 10.7%, other gastrointestinal cancers 12%, thyroid 4%, sarcoma 2.7%, spine 1, bladder 1.3%, lymphoma 1.3%. By the time data was complete 33% of the patients had died. CONCLUSION: Cancer and diabetes often coexist especially in the middle aged and elderly. The commonest cancer was prostate followed by breast and gastrointestinal cancers. Curiously cervical wasn’t seen or not as common as in most population studies which demonstrate a preponderance of breast, cervical and prostatic cancers as the leading causes of cancer in Nigeria and worldwide. The reason for the rarity of cervical needs to be further studied.
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Diabetes mellitus , Cancer , e 2 non-communicable diseases , Common soil , Patients , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Fasanmade OA, Habeebu MY, Sowunmi AC, Ogo E, Odeniyi IA, Olopade OB, Fasanmade OO. Types of cancer seen in patients with diabetes in Lagos. EMSON 2022 Book of abstracts 2022