Anti-fertility effect of calcium channel blockers on male rats: association with oxidative stress.

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Morakinyo, AO
Iranloye, BO
Daramola, AO
Adegoke, OA
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Purpose: Calcium ions are vital in many biologic processes including a variety of enzymatic reactions, activation of excitable cells, coupling of electrical activation to cellular secretion, haemostasis, bone metabolism and sperm functions. Calcium channel blockers (CCB) appear to have a reversible anti-fertility effect on male rats which does not occur through inhibition of the pituitary-gonadal axis. While the effects of CCB on male reproductive function have been investigated, less information is available regarding other reproductive indices and the underlying mechanism in the pathogenesis of male reproductive dysfunction. Therefore, the involvement of oxidative mechanisms in the adverse manifestation induced by CCB on male reproductive functions is investigated in this study. Methods: For this purpose, lipid peroxidation; enzymatic antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione reduced; epididymal sperm count, motility; histopathology of the testes, epididymis, seminal vesicle, prostate glands; and reproductive performance were determined. Results: CCB administration in rats causes significant oxidative stress in the male reproductive milieu in term of increase in malondialdehyde (MDA) level and a concomitant decrease in catalase, superoxide dismutase and reduced glutathione enzyme activities in the testes. In addition, CCB treatment significantly decreased the sperm count, sperm motility, fertility index, implantation count, and litter size in this study. Conclusion: There is substantial evidence that CCB induces significant oxidative stress in the testes, which appears to be responsible for the adverse effects of decreased sperm count and motility ultimately leading to reduced fertility in rats.
Nifedipine , Verapamil , Diltiazem , Oxidative stress , Sperm , Fertility
Morakinyo AO, Iranloye BO, Daramola AO and Adegoke OA. (2011) Anti-fertility effect of calcium channel blockers on male rats: association with oxidative stress. Adv. Med. Sci. 56: 95-105