Motivational factors and teachers’ productivity in Lagos State

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Adetoro, J.A.
Sule, S.A.
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Department of Adult Education, University of Lagos, Akoka
This study examined the influence of motivational factors on teachers' productivity in secondary schools in Lagos State of Nigeria. Relevant research questions and hypotheses were answered and tested respectively in the study with appropriate objective stated. The descriptive research design was used to conduct the research because it involved the collection of data from a large number of participants within a limited time. Questionnaire was designed by the researchers and validated by experts in the field of education for the collection of. data from a total of 600 participants selected from the population with the use of simple random sampling technique. The data collected were analyzed using frequency distribution tables while the hypotheses were tested with Chi-square and test statistical tools to ascertain their acceptability or otherwise. The results of the study showed that motivational factors can influence increment in the productivity of teachers at the secondary schools in Lagos State of Nigeria. The results also showed that a significant difference exist between theproductivity of teachers motivated and those not motivated in Lagos State of Nigeria. Necessary recommendations that teachers should be well paid at the secondary school level of education among others to help them improve their level of productivity in order to give their best to the students were made.
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Motivational Factors , Productivity , Work Performance , Academic Performance , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Adetoro, J.A. & Sule, S..A. (2018). Motivational factors and teachers’ productivity in Lagos State. Journal of Educational Thought, 7(2), Pp.144 – 152.