Application of Online Pedagogy to Enhance Undergraduates’ Learning Outcomes in Chemistry

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Okafor, N
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International Council of Science Education
The low Cumulative Grade Point Average of most chemistry undergraduates results in their low achievement and motivation which poses a threat to the production of future chemistry teachers. The diversity of this problem has resulted in several suggestions concerning the application of Google Meet strategy to determine its efficacy in ameliorating this problem in the Nigerian educational setting. Two null hypotheses guided the research. This study was an ex-post facto and quasi-experimental designs that involved 125 chemistry undergraduates. Three research instruments were used in data collection. Data were analyzed using mean and analysis of variance. Results showed that undergraduates exposed to Google Meet Pedagogy (GMP) had greater achievement than those exposed to Classroom Teacher Approach (CTA). However, undergraduates exposed to CTA had better motivation in chemistry than those exposed to GMP. The finding showed a significant influence of course types on undergraduates’ achievement in chemistry. There was no significant influence of course types on undergraduates’ motivation. The study concludes that undergraduates should be provided with adequate online facilities to be skillful and knowledgeable. It suggests that university lecturers should be sponsored for professional development on the application of online pedagogies to enhance undergraduates’ achievement and motivation in chemistry.
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Okafor, N. (2022). Application of Online Pedagogy to Enhance Undergraduates’ Learning Outcomes in Chemistry. Science Education International. 33(3); 284-290. A publication of International Council of Association for Science Education (ICASE), University of Otago College of Education, New Zealand. Available at and