Towards Enhancing Access of Professional Social Work Education in Nigeria

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Badru, F.A
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Journal of Nigerian Social Work Educators
The paper argues that there are diverse needs, social pathologies and challenges that confront any nation including Nigeria. It is imperative that conscious attempts be made to address these myriad of needs in a specific socio-cultural setting. It is pedestrian to state that some elements of professional Social Work Education are discernible in Nigeria. It is more desirable to make it affordable and accessible to those who deserve professional social work education. Failing to do this would be tantamount to denial and unfair social exclusion with resultant social injustice as a number of students and citizens would be denied the opportunities that would have been created if these are made available at a cost, places and in languages that would be meaningful to them. It is observed that a number of social work educators in Nigeria do not possess professional social work education and therefore deprived of providing their professional best to their students. The kernel of this paper, using secondary data, is that there is a lot to gain in providing an environment that ensures enhanced access of professional social work education to 'unlettered' social work educators preferably within the shore of Nigeria. This has a lot of latent and manifest consequences for social justice and social work services in any nation including Nigeria.
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Badru, F.A (2011). “Towards Enhancing Access of Professional Social Work Education in Nigeria” in Journal of Nigerian Social Work Educators, Vol. 1. No 1 April 2011 pp 101-116