Prioritisation of Ferry Commuters' needs in Lagos Metropolis: An Analytical Hierarchical Process Approach

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Hart, E. C.
Adebiyi, S.O.
Oyenuga, O.G.
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Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology, Series Transport
Understanding the needs of ferry service commuters cannot be overemphasis, considering the fact that the survival of any business largely depends on the volume of its customer base, and how well they are satisfied with the level of services received. More so, owing to the high population of Lagos state and usual traffic congestion across main roads during the peak periods, water transportation via ferries undoubtedly becomes a viable alternative to ensure stakeholders satisfaction in urban planning for a city majorly surrounded by water providers. Thus, this study employs the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to prioritise the ferry services needs of commuters to make effective managerial decisions that will aid efficiency in their operations, thereby, increasing the market penetration, competitive edge and commuter satisfaction. A sample size of two hundred and four was computed through purposive sampling procedure. The data retrieved were analysed using pairwise comparison in line with AHP methodology. The study found out that among the criteria measured, comfort was perceived more important to commuters compared to its pairs. In addition, recreational facilities, ease of online payment, regular maintenance of waterways and seating with good legroom were ranked high by the commuters. Therefore, to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage over other modes of transportation, these indicators need to be effectively considered in water transportation policy.
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AHP , Transportation , Commuter , Ferry service , Jetty , Lagos , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Hart, E. C., Adebiyi, S. O., & Oyenuga, O. G. (2020). Prioritisation of ferry commuters' needs in Lagos metropolis: An analytical hierarchical process approach. Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology, Series Technology, 107, 53-71.