Land Use Policy and Urban Sprawl in Nigeria: Land Use and the Emergence of Urban Sprawl

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Adisa, W.B.
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IGI Global
Land use policy is central to the development of urban life and the emergence of cities. In many developed capitalist societies, both the planning and expansion of the cities are usually anchored on sustainable urban land policies such that the growth of urban sprawl is effectively controlled. In most developing countries, land use policies are not only disparate, they are usually not connected to the growth of cities because policy makers are after the money they could make from private investors. This chapter argues that though the coming of the Land Use Act 1978 ended the era of disparate land law regimes, it has, over the years, sealed the control of urban lands to state governors, a development that has created massive corruption and arbitrariness in the allocation and utilization of urban lands. This approach to land administration has also hindered effective and sustainable urban and regional planning in many Nigerian cities. This study suggests the review of the 1978 Land Use Act and effective utilization of modern technologies in the monitoring of urban sprawls.
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Land use policy , Urban life , apitalist societies , Land use Act 1978 , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Sociology
Adisa, W. B. (2020). Land Use Policy and Urban Sprawl in Nigeria: Land Use and the Emergence of Urban Sprawl. In Megacities and Rapid Urbanization: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice (pp. 331-349). IGI Global.