Critical survey of islam in West Africa

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Adegoke, K.A.
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Department of History, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.
Introduction Islam lit rally means an act of total submission or surrendering to the Will of Allah (God). Historically, the origin of Islam hanged on two theories namely conservative and modern theori s. In the onservative theory, the origin of Islam could b traced to the time of Prophet Adam and his wife. Hawwa' (Eve) who were the first created mankind on earth. This theory propounded that Islam started when mankind were conscious of the existence of a Supreme B ing Who is Allah and they submit themselves to His Will. The modern theory claims that Islam started in 610 C.E when Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)was called to prophet hood in the Mecca city and was commanded to spread the message of Islam
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Islam , West Africa , Religious studies , Survey of Islam , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Religion/Theology::Islamology
Adegoke, K.A. (2009). Critical survey of islam in West Africa. Essays in Contemporary West African History, 10p.